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Established in 2002, Expro is led by its founders, Ray Fitzpatrick and Matt Malone, who possess a wealth of expertise exceeding 20 years in the field of sourcing and supply chain management. They have diligently cultivated an extensive network of manufacturer connections across the globe.

Our esteemed reputation and widespread global presence enable us to consistently provide unparalleled customer service to our esteemed clients.

At the core of our business lies trust, fostering meaningful relationships, and upholding a standard of unwavering integrity. These values form the bedrock of all our operations and endeavours.

Our Values


We prioritise the establishment of relationships with our customers that are founded on trust and transparency. We firmly believe in conducting business with unwavering honesty and openness, extending to our valued clients, partners, suppliers, customers, and colleagues alike. We confront any challenge that arises with a direct and forthright approach.


We uphold the belief that every relationship should be rooted in respect. We demonstrate profound respect towards all individuals we collaborate with, endeavouring to foster mutually fulfilling connections with everyone we encounter.


We take immense pride in our product creations, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure the attainment of the highest quality standards and mutual satisfaction between all parties involved.

Our Team

Ray Fitzpatrick


Matt Malone


Direct Overseas Resource Office